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What We Offer:

Nelson Comerci, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist (Idaho ACU-288 & NCCAOM  #13089) offers complete range of Traditional Oriental Medical techniques for a variety of imbalances (physical, mental, and/or emotional).  Trained in San Francisco, California with 15 years of clinical experience, I provide affordable, logical, efficient, traditional techniques to help you reach your optimum health.

I offer a general medical practice specializing in pain (acute/chronic), stress, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, mental health disorders, auto-immune syndromes, hepatic-gallbladder disorders, and substance misuse (cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs).

Diagnostic Techniques include:

1) Traditional Pulse Diagnosis

2) Traditional Tongue Diagnosis

3) Traditional Abdominal Diagnosis

4) Full Intake

Therapeutic Techniques include: 

1) Japanese & Chinese Acupuncture (thin, no-silicone needles, shallow insertion)

2) Laser Acupuncture (uses no needles)     How Laser Therapy Works

3) Nutritional (Standard Process nutraceuticals)

4) Herbal (Evergreen Herbs – tested for microbes, mold, heavy metals & pesticides)

5) Moxibustion (low smoke premium Japanese moxa)

6) Cupping (negative pressure therapy) and Scraping (gua sha)

7) Diagnos-Techs Salivary Tests

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